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Tradition in laundry care

Your laundry is in the best hands with us. 

We work according to the highest quality standards and focus on the satisfaction of our customers.

Future needs origin...

The Helenen laundry is a traditional company, founded in the early 1960s by Peter (with the fancy sports car). Shortly thereafter, Willi (who always fed the cat at the window) took over the business.


In 2000, the laundry found new owners with Keriman and her husband Alit, who ran the business until 2022. Since then, Thomas and his team have been at the start and continue writing  - with new accents- the history of the Helenen laundry.


The small craft business has been in the same location for more than sixty years, right in the heart of Cologne, always close to its customers, always with good quality.


The notes in brackets above are original quotes from customers...

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